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Beware of the Kittens

Exploding Kittens
Exploding Kittens, my dilemma, trade my hand for that defuse card or just play on and risk it.

Over the Summer months I got my copy of Exploding Kittens from their hugely popular Kickstarter campaign.

The game is great fun to play,  has easy to learn rules and is a excellent fight for survival whilst trying to knockout all other players.

The premise of the game is easy, you draw a card every turn and if you draw an Exploding Kitten card then you’re out of the game unless you can defuse the Exploding Kitten.

However, there is a load of other cards in the game that can be used to dodge the kittens, mess with other players, or stop players messing with you.

A great casual game which encourages great banter, name calling, and casual swearing.

Star Wars Imperial Assault

The Rebels make their initial moves through an Imperial Star Destroyer

Currently running a campaign of Star Wars Imperial Assault from Fantasy Flight Games.

I’m playing as the Imperial overlord and attempting to give those pesky Rebel terrorists a difficult time.

It’s a really nice game and to up to Fantasy Flight Games usual standard with fantastic game pieces, tiles, and cards with great artwork and lets not forget the great miniatures that come with the game, although  some variation in the poses of the Imperial figures would have been nice.

The rules are very similar to Descent, which is not a bad thing as I quite like Descent – Journeys in the Dark with a few tweaks to improve the game and make it have the proper feel for Star Wars.

Imperial Stormtroopers swarm onto the Rebels

Stormtroopers swarm onto the RebelsThe campaign system is very good and has great replay ability due to the Agenda and Side Mission card decks being different in each campaign.

A recommended game if you’re a tabletop gamer and a Star Wars fan.

May the Force be with you.

17th Century D10?

Was recently at Springhill, a 17th-century Plantation house in Moneymore, cared for by the National Trust and in the Drawing Room of the house is a display case that has what looks like a type of D10, which is very cool to me.

Not sure what games it was used for, did 17th-century plantation home owners play Vampire the Masquerade?