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In Her Majesty’s Name – Terrain Showcase

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a fan of “In Her Majesty’s Name” wargame rules from The Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare.

In a previous post, I mentioned making a series of Egyptian inspired terrain for the game.  In this post, I want to talk a little about how the terrain was created and to share more photos.

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Frostgrave Terrain

I’ve been playing a campaign of Frostgrave with some friends lately and I’ve been inspired to start working on making a lot of wargaming terrain for it.

I decided to use some Hirst Arts Fieldstone moulds and cast up a load of pieces to make the models, unfortunately I don’t have any work in progress pictures of my work but I hope you enjoy this gallery of the completed models.

In Her Majesty’s Name

Off and on for a while now I’ve been playing the excellent In Her Majesty’s Name.  At Salute, a few years backI picked up a copy of rule book and two companies (Lord Curr’s Company and the Servants of Ra).

Since then I’ve bought the two expansion books released and more importantly have painted the minis and made some terrain for the game.

I was inspired by the Servants of Ra and decided to make an Egyptian theme table with a small town and ruins.  Here’s some pics of a recent game.

We played the “Death At Your Heels” scenario, which involves the companies racing from one table edge to the opposite table edge, to avoid a hail of artillery barrage raining death down on them.